International Work


HONG KONG – A team of 3 leaders went out for 3 months to set up educational workshops for a brand new Children’s Theatre opening there. Workshops took place both in the theatre, in schools and in shopping malls. New skills were introduced from mask and mime to circus skills as well as our regular programme of educational workshops.

TURKEY – Annual visits over a number of years to develop performances with Turkish children for their International Children’s festivals. Teacher/Actor training sessions to develop this style of work over there. Lectures, talks and open workshops to demonstrate drama in education techniques.

BULGARIA – A Youth exchange programme. Bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their differences through theatre and to engage in an open exchange of ideas and creativity.

ROMANIA – A production linked programme with the Children’s theatre in Bucharest. A tour of schools and orphanages with a workshop programme based on Roald Dahl’s “Matilda”.

GERMANY – Participation in the first ever World Children’s Theatre festival. Taking a group of young children to perform a piece of theatre written and devised by children as young as 5. Running education workshops for international groups. Writing and delivering papers on the effectiveness of drama in education.

FRANCE  – An exchange programme, swapping styles of theatre with both children and adults.

CROATIA – Running workshops at the Children’s theatre festival.

POLAND – Teacher training courses on Shakespeare for children and how to access it and in the basic techniques of drama in education

RUSSIA – Participation in the Children’s Theatre festival in Moscow. Sharing dances, songs and games.


We have run workshops on a variety of topics from Shakespeare and other classic writers to themed sessions for visiting students from overseas. These programmes help to expand the vocabulary and give confidence to students speaking English as a foreign language.