Curriculum Programmes


Stories from Around the World: A range of stories from an array of countries including:

Indian stories of Birbal to Tiger Child celebrating Diwali

The delightful story of Tiddalick, the very thirsty frog, from Australia

The Dream Tree, which provides fruit of every variety, from Africa

South American stories of vultures, Eagles, Coyotes and Turtles

Stories can be told as a one off workshop experience or form a short programme/residency of weekly sessions. All stories are interactive with the children joining in and becoming some of the characters.

Farmyard Tales: Children are taken on a journey round an imaginary farmyard where they hear various stories and poems related to the animals.

The collection of stories includes:

The Goat and her 7 Kids which teaches about stranger danger in a safe and fun way.

The Fox and the Hen, where a clever hen outwits a young fox cub.

Henry the Gosling who needs help in learning how to Honk and Hiss.

Children sit enraptured as these stories are brought to life.

Seaside Tales: Julia Donaldson’s stories of Sharing a Shell amp; Tiddler form part of this repertoire of stories.

Woodland Tales: Meet the characters of Beatrix Potter’s delightful stories and hear about all their adventures.

All About Me: A series of workshops to encourage children to discover who they are and find what they have in common with each other whilst introducing them to a series of drama techniques from physical theatre to photo-freezes and role play activities.

Working together!

Celebrations: A series of workshops based on different festivals from all over the world, helping the children to celebrate their diversity.

Growth and Change: A series of workshops that helps young children understand their growth and development in relation to the world around them.

Toys: A range of stories and workshops to help children share, care and play happily together.


Foundation Stages:

 Postman Pat: Postman Pat needs help sorting his letters and parcels into sizes and shapes and in delivering them. The children explore mathematical concepts and language through taking part in the story.


“Many thanks for an excellent experience! Your workshops linked very well with our Science Week. The workshop was particularly useful to our EAL learners and the kinaesthetic learners, who learn best  through physical activity; it led to lots of lively learning and introduced useful vocabulary in a meaningful way.” F. O’Malley, Surrey Square Infants School, London.

MINI BEASTS AND POND LIFE: Explore the miniature world centred around the pond. Learn about the life cycle of the frog and hear some amazing stories from the spirit of the pond.

BEES AND POLLINATION: An opportunity to learn all about the world of the honey bee, see a large scale model, and hear the story of Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Bees.


Listening and Speaking!

Quack: Watch Quack as she tries to discover who she is by going round the farmyard. Then help Quack save the farm from a terrible fire.

People At Work: Through the journey of a present from its making in Hong Kong to its arrival in England the children look at all the jobs people do to help it on its way.

The Magic Toyshop: A Christmas special. It’s midnight in the toy shop and all the toys come to life in this adventure. Ballerina Doll amp; the Toy Soldier escape the toyshop for an adventure on the street. Then Ballerina Doll falls down a drain-hole and meets rat and things get a little tricky for her. Will she ever get back?

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