Exploring The World We Live In

Working together – Being a train!

Exploring the World we Live in. All young children need to make sense of the world they are encountering for the first time. Every child is faced with numerous first time experiences. Our role is to help them feel safe in these experiences by introducing them to different situations through the safe world of play.

At London Workshop Company we pride ourselves in developing a range of role-play situations which give children the opportunity to see what happens when they behave in different ways, are faced with decisions to make, or are going somewhere new for the first time. We take on different characters to allow them to express their fears, concerns, challenges and explore them safely. We often take on the low status role of the child themselves, allowing them to be the experts and reflect how they see the adults behaving. Giving different perspectives on a situation allows the children to see a situation from a different angle and from a different point of view; helping them to understand difference and others around them.

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