Stories are a wonderful way of engaging very young children in the world around them. Throughout time they have been used to help us deal with our emotions in a safe way by distancing us from reality but allowing us to experience in the alternative world of the story. The practice of story-telling is very different from that of reading and sharing a book together. The listener gets more deeply drawn into the world of the story when it is being told directly, there are no other distractions or things to look at like the illustrations in a book.

Having fun entering the magic world of a story!

We offer a wide range of story-telling opportunities that engage the young children and have them actively taking part. Some of the stories use masks, costumes, props or models, some just use physical theatre and voice; but all are guaranteed to transport the children to the world of the story and engage them with the characters.

See our brochure programmes for some examples.

We will also tailor make stories on particular topics at your request, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

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