After School Clubs

After School clubs

These clubs are held after school for one hour. They require a clear working space. They still have an Educational thrust. For this age range we take up to 15 children with one leader. This leader is a trained professional but we are not a nannying service! We expect the children to still follow school rules and that the school will back us in delivering the programme as part of their educational package.

We offer a 10 week programme on a set theme each term.

In Character!

We will come into the school to deliver an assembly telling childrenabout the theme and what the programme involves each term. We will provide the letters with return slips to be signed by parents but we need the school to administer the taking in of slips and payments. We will create a register and keep it up to date on a weekly basis. Alternatively some schools want to take in all the payments and then make us out one cheque to cover the costs so that they can offer some children free places and cover the costs from the school budget. We have a minimum number of 13 children in order to break even on running these clubs.

Working as a team!

One theme for this age range  is Dragon Myths. The children are invited to go on a quest to help the people of Shortsville and save them from the evil Wig Wearing Wizard who has made them all bald! His Well of Spells is guarded by a dragon. On the journey they learn about other dragon adventurers so that they can combat the dragon that lies in store for them.

All programmes end with an open session when the children choose which bits they want to share with their parents.

The beauty of having a company run these sessions is that should your set leader not be able to make a session we will provide a cover leader who knows the programme and is fully trained. All leaders have fully enhanced DBS checks.

For further information please call Ruth on 07966 279 377.