Curriculum Programmes

Early Years Brochure


Farmyard Tales: Traditional stories about a range of animals told with interactive elements. Leading to the children creating their own animal story.

Woodland Tales: Using Beatrix Potter’s stories to inspire the children’s own creativity in telling stories.

Jungle Adventures: Taking a Safari adventure through the jungle leads to meeting various animals and hearing their stories, including how the Zebra got his stripes.

Sea Stories: Mermaid adventures lead to a linking together of a variety of Julia Donaldson stories and lend them a new and inspiring twist.

Stories from around the World: An extensive collection of stories are available from all parts of the world from Japan to India, South America, even the North Pole.

Books Alive: Choose an author and we will bring their stories to life in a new and innovative way with masks, puppets and interaction from the children.

“This fulfilled, overwhelmingly, the criteria and the objectives. It enhanced their work and made their writing more creative. Their language will be richer as a result.”  Redriff School


Postman Pat: Postman Pat needs help sorting his letters and parcels into sizes and shapes and in delivering them. The children explore mathematical concepts and languages through taking part in the story.

Bad Tempered Ladybird: Using creative props and art materials the children help to tell the story while looking at time and comparative size as mathematical concepts.

Models used for comparative size

 “Children were well motivated and involved in the story. It helped make the activities so succesful. I will certainly use some of the activities in the future!”

“The workshop was inspirational and gave a real context for using + applying maths concepts and skills.” 

“The session was great, because it was fun and each stage of the story was set out, children were keen and confident to take part. Having items to touch and organise, with a purpose made learning and outcomes a positive experience.” 

Attentive audience!


Mini Beasts and Pond Life: Explore the miniature world centred around the pond. Learn about the life cycle of the frog and hear some amazing stories.

Bees and Pollination: An opportunity to learn all about the world of the honey bee, see a large scale model, and hear the story of Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Bees.

“Perfect – just right level of/ balance of fun, explanation & firmness & activity.”


Learning about jobs!

People at Work: A series of workshops in which we explore the world of work by using different settings from hospitals to police stations.

Toys Alive: Set in a second hand toy shop the children help as various toys come to life and go on an adventure, but they must be back by midnight – will they make it?

“Excellent, very imaginative and stimulating. I was just as inspired as the children. Very organised and presented.”

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