Performance Days

Performance Days: These are special days for a whole year group or whole school to participate in. Children watch a 30 – 45 minute performance by 2 – 4 actors and then receive class workshops to follow up the topics covered in the performance. They culminate with the children coming back together at the end of the day to share their own work with each other. Great for Book Weeks and other special occasions. 


A performance by two actors playing over 16 different parts, using puppets and taking the children through the delightful moral tales as told by Birbal the King’s advisor. After the performance children are told more stories that they can bring to life using puppets, physical theatre and other techniques that they saw earlier.

“The creativity shown in the children’s work was evidence of the great success of this session.”  Dulwich Hamlet Junior School


Watch a series of popular tales unfold from Alice in Wonderland to The Twits and Mrs Plug the Plumber. An interactive performance by 3 actors for the whole school to watch, followed by workshops for individual classes on stories of your choice.

“An enjoyable worthwhile experience for the children. Thank you.”


A Performance Day format in which the children visit the factory and see how toys are made through the drama .They then watch and help out in the scientific experiments that show how different forces power our mechanical and moving toys. A workshop that encourages investigation and creative play as a way of engaging in science. Sessions can also be run on the making of their own toys in conjunction with this programme.

The Tale Of A Birthday Present – 3 – 5’s

Exploration of the world of work and jobs through the adventure of a Birthday Present sent from Hong Kong to London. Three actors, masks and lots of props bring to life 14 characters in this interactive comic piece. It is followed by a drama workshop where children will role-play different situations that might occur in varied fields of work.

QUACK – Nursery – Yr 2

Based on the Ugly Duckling – poor Quack doesn’t know who he is. It seems no-one wants to be his friend, in fact everyone appears to laugh at him. That is until he saves their lives – find out how!

WATER SPRITES Reception – Yr 2

Brede is the spirit of the pond and she can tell you lots of stories about the creatures who live in her pond and about those who visit. But what happens when the stream is blocked that feeds her pond? Can you help her?

MEG AND MOG Nursery – Yr 2

Meg makes a breakfast spell but of course it goes wrong and she ends up with a Stegosaurus in her garden. Can you help get rid of it/ It will mean going to some unusual places fro the ingredients of the spell.

Performance – The Magic Toy Shop

THE MAGIC TOY SHOP  Nursery – Yr 2

With all the modern toys on the market the toy soldier and the ballerina doll are feeling left out – but it’s midnight in the toyshop and all the toys can come to life. The two set out on a grand adventure but will they find their way back?


Follow this traditional and well-known story unfold in front of your eyes. Help the actors telling it, by taking part in it and physicalizing some of the bits of set!


Based on the traditional story but with a contemporary twist where the 3 little pigs Pinkie, Bulldozer and Penelope are not so little anymore and the time to leave mum’s house has arrived. The children will participate in the story playing characters, physicalizing parts of the set and helping the three pigs to build their houses and face the wolf.


Children are led into a jungle and meet various animals using dance, music and drama to weave a tale of survival.

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