Vibrant, inspiring work. It’s given me a lot of ideas for how to liven up Literacy Hour.” Grazebrook School


Greek Myths: Using Masks, Drama and Dance bring these amazing Legends, Mythologies and Adventures back to life:

  • Labours Of Heracles
  • Theseus And The Minotaur
  • Perseus And Medusa
  • Jason And The Argonauts

Traditional Tales: Discover the similarities between your favourite, classic childhood stories and then have a go at creating your own.

  • Hen And Fox Stories
  • Goat Stories
  • 3 Brothers Story
  • Grimm’s Tales
  • Anderson Tales

Poetry: Explore all the beauty and wonder of the English Language whilst immersing yourself in these captivating subjects.

  • Weather Types – Where They Occur & What They Do
  • Weather Monsters – Personification
 & Characterisation
  • Seasons: A Sensory Experience – How They Make Us Feel
News Reports – Disasters In Narrative Verse



Dogger: Using Shirley Hughes’ story, develop your money skills by going to the school fete to find Dogger. Divide into two groups: The Stall Holders and The Customers, Work out how much to charge for your stall, how much you have to spend and see if your accounts add up. This is an incredibly fun 10 week programme with props, set and all the works to go with.



Victorians: Through the magic of Poetry, Drama and Dance, we transport you to Dickensian London. Experiment with authentic costumes, props and Victorian style masks to create your own soap operas reflecting life in this period.

Egyptians: Journey back in time, solve the hieroglyphic clues to enter the world of the Dead and meet the Egyptian God Anubis. Will you get out alive? Learn all about Scarabs, the Devourer, Sarcophagi, Parchment and other Egyptian Paraphernalia in this highly adventurous project.

Tudors: Join our explorers as they travel the seas and discover new lands. Meet Henry VIII and his wives. Using masks and drama we explore this age of discovery.

Medieval: Will you pass the test to graduate from a lowly squire to a gallant knight? A series of challenges awaits in this adventure. Merlin’s world comes to life – who can you trust?



James Bond: Help Q devise some new gadgets to get James out of a tricky predicament. Experiments in floating/sinking; projection; traction; etc.

All ears to find out how bees pollinate.

Bees and Pollination: A fascinating incite into the world of bees. Hear how the storyteller became a bee and what she discovered! Watch a set of slides explain still more and study the anatomy of the bee by observing the giant bee sculpture. Using willow and tissue paper make your own hexagonal cells and accurate bee designs.



Rivers: A carefully crafted adventure which takes the children on a journey where they learn about different river features.

Maps & Map Making: A pirate adventure will need you to navigate the seas accurately and make some new maps to warn others of the dangers lurking under the surface, and maps to show where the treasure is of course!



Chocolate: Enter Chocolate Land and meet the spirit of the Cacao Tree who needs your help. Stop the Nut Weevils devouring all the cacao beans by joining a team of clever insects, forge a plan of attack and overcome the Evil Weevils.