Vibrant, inspiring work. It’s given me a lot of ideas for how to liven up Literacy Hour.” Grazebrook School

“Very well organised. A range of practical Storytelling experiences as well as allowing them to express their own creativity. Lots of opportunity for teamwork and a good way to consolidate previous work in a stimulating and fun way.”  Harry Gosling School


Greek Myths: Using Masks, Drama and Dance bring these amazing Legends, Mythologies and Adventures back to life:

  • Labours Of Heracles
  • Theseus And The Minotaur
  • Perseus And Medusa
  • Jason And The Argonauts

Traditional Tales: Discover the similarities between your favourite, classic childhood stories and then have a go at creating your own.

  • Hen And Fox Stories
  • Goat Stories
  • 3 Brothers Story
  • Grimm’s Tales
  • Anderson Tales

Poetry: Explore all the beauty and wonder of the English Language whilst immersing yourself in these captivating subjects.

  • Weather Types – Where They Occur & What They Do
  • Weather Monsters – Personification
 & Characterisation
  • Seasons: A Sensory Experience – How They Make Us Feel
News Reports – Disasters In Narrative Verse
  • Exploring Creative Writing: Using some sample poems to give ideas for themes to be used in their own writing, these sessions lead to a clearer understanding about the language and performance of poetry.

Historical Novels, the Tudors: How can we use an historical setting to create a story?
• Henry V111 and wives
• Social history – education, fashion, illness & cures, etc.
• Exploration of the Seas – Raleigh, Drake, etc
• Creating own story set in Tudor times

Fantasy Stories: Escape into magical lands where anything can happen – free the imagination in a guided and safe way.
• Chocolate land
• Bird with the Colourful Feathers
• Outer Space – It’s Earth but not as we Know It
• Undersea – Mermaids & Sunken Ships

Stories from Around the World: Help bring these tales to life in appropriate ways, acknowledging the culture from which they came.
• African – Anansi stories, Dreamtree
• Australian – Tiddalick
• Caribbean – Little Red Fish
• European – Twelve Months, Talking Eggs, or other
• Asian – The Stonecutter or Dragon stories
• North American – Sedna, Turtle stories
• Indian – Tiger Child, Birbal’s Tales

Fiction Genres – Stories from Around the World: What difference does taking a different genre make – do we know what styles we like – have we explored all the genres and found one we identify with or like?

  • Comic Stories – Anansi, Clever Fox, etc
  • Heroic Stories – George and the Dragon
  • Adventure stories
  • Romantic Stories
  • Sci Fi – Phillip Pullman novels
  • Moral stories – Talking Eggs,
  • Horror Stories – Goosebumps
  • Sporting Tales –

Set Authors – Roald Dahl: Discover the man behind the stories, what will your stories reflect of your life?

  • Autobiography – how used in his novels
The Twits
  • Matilda
  • Boy

Journalism – Myths & Legends: How do we turn events into journalism? Can we report back on events accurately, with photographic evidence and interviews?

  • King Arthur’s Legends
  • Beowolf & Norse Myths
  • Celtic Myths
  • News Reports
  • Interviews & Editorials
  • Documentaries


Chocolate: Enter Chocolate Land and meet the spirit of the Cacao Tree who needs your help. Stop the Nut Weevils devouring all the cacao beans by joining a team of clever insects, forge a plan of attack and overcome the Evil Weevils.