“The session was engaging and enthralled the children. The use of tableau, movement, voice & alliteration motivated and stimulated the children to be risk takers and prepared them well for the future. The creativity in the children’s work was evidence of the great success of this session.”  Mr A. Woolley, Dulwich Village School


Set Authors – Roald Dahl: Discover the man behind the stories, what will your stories reflect of your life?

  • Autobiography – how used in his novels
The Twits
  • Matilda
  • Boy

Fiction Genres – Stories from Around the World: What difference does taking a different genre make – do we know what styles we like – have we explored all the genres and found one we identify with or like?

  • Comic Stories – Anansi, Clever Fox, etc
  • Heroic Stories – George and the Dragon
  • Adventure stories
  • Romantic Stories
  • Sci Fi – Phillip Pullman novels
  • Moral stories – Talking Eggs,
  • Horror Stories – Goosebumps
  • Sporting Tales –

Journalism – Myths & Legends: How do we turn events into journalism? Can we report back on events accurately, with photographic evidence and interviews?

  • King Arthur’s Legends
  • Beowolf & Norse Myths
  • Celtic Myths
  • News Reports
  • Interviews & Editorials
  • Documentaries

Poetry – Exploring Creative Writing: Using some sample poems to give ideas for themes to be used in their own writing, these sessions lead to a clearer understanding about the language and performance of poetry.



Gulliver’s Travels: Travel from Lilliput to far off lands they handle different mathematical information and solve a variety of word problems along the way – from how much rope is need to tie up Gulliver in Lilliput to how far he must have travelled off course if the wind was blowing at a certain strength. Puppets of both Lilliputians and giants help engage the children in this fictional exploration of a variety of mathematical problems.

A series of 10 x 1 hour workshops to prepare students for their SATS exams.