“The session was engaging and enthralled the children. The use of tableau, movement, voice & alliteration motivated and stimulated the children to be risk takers and prepared them well for the future. The creativity in the children’s work was evidence of the great success of this session.”  Mr A. Woolley, Dulwich Village School

Victorians: Through the magic of Poetry, Drama and Dance, we transport you to Dickensian London. Experiment with authentic costumes, props and Victorian style masks to create your own soap operas reflecting life in this period.

Egyptians: Journey back in time, solve the hieroglyphic clues to enter the world of the Dead and meet the Egyptian God Anubis. Will you get out alive? Learn all about Scarabs, the Devourer, Sarcophagi, Parchment and other Egyptian Paraphernalia in this highly adventurous project.

Tudors: Join our explorers as they travel the seas and discover new lands. Meet Henry VIII and his wives. Using masks and drama we explore this age of discovery, be prepared to discover some terrible truths!

Medieval: Will you pass the test to graduate from a lowly squire to a gallant knight? A series of challenges awaits in this adventure. Merlin’s world comes to life – who can you trust?