Year Three:

Dogger – Using Shirley Hughes’ story the children develop money skills by going to the school fete to find Dogger. The class divide into two groups with half becoming the stall holders and half the customers. They work out how much to charge for their stall and how to give a special offer. Customers keep an account of how much they spend and have to check they’re given the right change. At the end both stall holders and customers have to do their accounts and see if their money bags tally.

A fun 10 week programme.

Year Four:

Alice In Wonderland – Get to know Alice’s real story by meeting the characters of Wonderland and help them overcome their different problems. White Rabbit’s house needs redecorating, The Queen Of Hearts needs to weigh and measure her tarts, Caterpillar needs directions and distances to the Mad Hatter and the Tea Mad Team need to sort out their accounts as well as their hats! A wonderful series of challenges over a period of 10 One Hour sessions makes maths a fun learning experience. 

Year Five:

Deathtrap Dungeon – 

The Quest For King Arthur: King Arthur has been mortally wounded and only the Elixir Of Life can save His Majesty. Join forces with Merlin to save King Arthur’s life and venture into Deathtrap Dungeon where various mathematical challenges await you. Calculate the perimeter and area of your Dungeon Map, traverse the chambers with your powers of mental arithmetic and team up with your friends to compete for the Exilir and Prize Jewels on offer!  

Watch where you tread!

A series of 10 x 1 hour sessions in which the children’s confidence in maths improves.

Year Six:

Gulliver’s Travels

As the children travel from Lilliput to other far off lands they handle different mathematical information and solve a variety of word problems along the way – from how much rope is needed to tie up Gulliver in Lilliput to how far he must have travelled off course if the wind was blowing at a certain strength. Puppets of both Lilliputians and giants help engage the children in this fictional exploration of a variety of mathematical problems.

A series of 10 x 1 hour workshops to prepare students for their SATS exams.