“Very well organised. A range of practical Storytelling experiences as well as allowing them to express their own creativity. Lots of opportunity for teamwork and a good way to consolidate previous work in a stimulating and fun way.”  Harry Gosling School



Historical Novels, the Tudors: How can we use an historical setting to create a story?
• Henry V111 and wives
• Social history – education, fashion, illness & cures, etc.
• Exploration of the Seas – Raleigh, Drake, etc
• Creating own story set in Tudor times

Fantasy Stories: Escape into magical lands where anything can happen – free the imagination in a guided and safe way.
• Chocolate land
• Bird with the Colourful Feathers
• Outer Space – It’s Earth but not as we Know It
• Undersea – Mermaids & Sunken Ships

Stories from Around the World: Help bring these tales to life in appropriate ways, acknowledging the culture from which they came.
• African – Anansi stories, Dreamtree
• Australian – Tiddalick
• Caribbean – Little Red Fish
• European – Twelve Months, Talking Eggs, or other
• Asian – The Stonecutter or Dragon stories
• North American – Sedna, Turtle stories
• Indian – Tiger Child, Birbal’s Tales



Alice In Wonderland: Get to know Alice’s real story by meeting the characters of Wonderland and help them overcome their different problems. White Rabbit’s house needs redecorating, The Queen Of Hearts needs to weigh and measure her tarts, Caterpillar needs directions and distances to the Mad Hatter and the Tea Mad Team need to sort out their accounts as well as their hats! A wonderful series of challenges over a period of 10 One Hour sessions makes maths a fun learning experience.