“Children were very interested and motivated to complete the activities. Good opportunity to see things they never see. Obviously a great deal of thought has gone into the activities.”  St Annes School

James Bond: Help Q devise some new gadgets to get James out of a tricky predicament. Experiments in floating/sinking; projection; traction; etc.

Bees and Pollination: A fascinating incite into the world of bees. All ears to find out how bees pollinate. Hear how the storyteller became a bee and what she discovered! Watch a set of slides explain still more.

Chocolate: Enter Chocolate Land and meet the spirit of the Cacao Tree who needs your help. Stop the Nut Weevils devouring all the cacao beans by joining a team of clever insects, forge a plan of attack and overcome the Evil Weevils. Learn about the secrets of the insects and their clever defence mechanisms, whilst also learning where chocolate comes from!