Performance Days

Performance Days: These are special days for a whole year group or whole school to participate in. Children watch a 30 – 45 minute performance by 2 – 4 actors and then receive class workshops to follow up the topics covered in the performance. They culminate with the children coming back together at the end of the day to share their own work with each other. Great for Book Weeks and other special occasions. 
AS IT REALLY IS  Yr 7 – A Look at Bullying

A Forum theatre piece that draws on the experiences of the children in the school. A new girl comes to the school, how will she cope, who will be her friends, how does she make friends? However there’s a twist to the tale. What about the victim of bullying, how is their life affected, who should they tell, how do such problems get resolved?

Workshops encourage the children to open up about what is going on in their school and community and to create their own structures for dealing with it before it becomes too big a problem.

SOAP OPERA Yr 8 – A look at Bullying

Four actors are appearing in a soap opera set in a school, however one of them has to be written out to cut costs – which one should it be? The children listen to different arguments from the actors as to why they should stay in the story. The children then vote for who should go. Should it be the actor who plays the bully or the one playing the victim, or one of the others? In the workshops they help to create a plausible plot for getting rid of the character. The actors then perform this scene.


Grace is a 15 year old whose body has been found in a nearby river. Two actors show a series of scenes between different characters in Grace’s life. Do these throw any light on who may have killed her, or did she take her own life?

Students become the team of detectives investigating the murder and have to interview suspects, and investigate every aspect of Grace’s life over the last three months. Had she changed, who would know? Who were her friends, what was her family life like? What do the contents of her handbag tell us? What conclusions can they draw?

This programmes allows the students to introduce and explore issues that are relevant to them from sex and drugs to drinking and families. Emotions are raised in the safety of role play with professional actors to take on the more searching parts.

This programme can easily be extended into a longer residency


The evil Morgan Le Fay has been up to her tricks again and causing King Arthur all sorts of trouble – but why?  Watch the story of King Arthur unfold in poetry and action and learn why his stepsister hated him. If you are a noble squire and can help Arthur rescue his knights from the perilous Morgan le Fay you may get knighted yourselves.


This ghost story from the seventeenth century is based on a true story. It is set in Chester le Street at an old water mill. Watch the story unfold and decide who you believe. Are there really such things as ghosts – what stories do you know, true or fictional? Can you stage one to frighten others?

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