Alongside our extensive work within the curriculum for children, we are proud to offer unique training opportunities for teachers, facilitators, managers or anyone with an interest in developing their workshop leading skills. From Basic Techniques and Performance Production to Cross Arts Integration and Issue Based Programmes, we place the emphasis on exploring how using drama can encourage your own professional development to flourish by being INVENTIVE, CREATIVE & ENGAGING.

Below are the list of programmes that are led by the same group of Leaders who recognise the need for Educational Professionals to discover new methods, philosophies and investigate their own creative process in a completely stress free, no pressure environment.



This is our flagship introductory session to Basic Drama Techniques and exploring how to access a variety of structures, exercises and strategies which form the basis of effective drama work with young people. We give you the time to play, create & explore as well as considering how the results could inform your classroom practice. These include:

  • Games & Improvisation
  • Engaging with Leader in Role
  • Narrated Action
  • Touch and Tell
  • Photo Freezes
  • Group Organisation & Trouble Shooting



The major aim of this programme is to assist and encourage teachers and leaders to deliver the National Curriculum through Drama as we believe it is essential for young to explore subjects such as Science, Geography, English & Maths in an engaging and practical way. As well as the specific subject matters, we place a big emphasis on encouraging leaders to develop a pupil’s ability to:

  • Speak & Listen
  • Express Opinions & Viewpoints
  • Present Ideas & Share Experiences
  • Increasing Awareness of Audience & Purpose



Personal, Social & Health Education is paramount for a young person’s development and well being. Therefore, we believe it is equally important to provide teachers with a chance to delve into Drama and investigate the best possible approaches to plan and support School Policies on Pastoral Care and Issue Based Programmes such as:

  • Personal Confidence Development
  • The Social Roles We Play
  • Group Interaction
  • Dealing With Conflict (e.g. Racism, Sexism, Bullying)
  • Disability Awareness



We identify Early Years Development & Storytelling as one of the most important keystones in a child’s journey. As our leaders are all trained performers, we value the effect a well delivered story and/or workshop can have on 3 – 6 year olds. This is your chance to interact with our leaders and techniques to:

  • Devise & Tell Stories
  • Discover Stories From Different Cultures
  • Transpose Dramatic Stories Into Writing
  • Use Movement, Voice, Song, Music etc.
  • Deliver Games, Exercises & Structures For This Age Range



Putting a performance can be a daunting task for any professional working in or out of the theatre. Therefore, this training workshop will provide you with a step by step guide to producing a successful play or devised performance with young people. In this workshop, we cover all aspects of developing a production such as:

  • Choosing The Right Play
  • Working WIth A Script
  • Devising An Original Play
  • Casting And The Challenges Of Fairness
  • Rehearsing Strategies
  • Production Matters


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